Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pep talk...

So, I just put in an order for roughly 1/3 of a ton of grain. Now on a big scale that doesn't sound like much. But, right now, 5 gallons at a time, that's huge. I have decided that I need to practice even more. It's the only way I can get better.

Now, in the last year and a half I have progressed a lot as a brewer, but not as far as I think I can go, not even close. I am probably nearing 100 batches in just over a year, which with working 40-60 hours a week feels like a big feat. Especially with a 3 year old as my brewing assistant. But, I am looking as this like the Olympics. No matter what I do, it will not be good enough, no matter what anyone tells me; including myself, to which I am my own biggest fan at times. This means there will be some 5-6am brewing sessions, even though I usually work until 12am or later. This means no more excuses, I cannot afford to be tired at this point. I have a lot to do and a long ways to travel before this thing will be more than a pipe dream.

This is it though, this is my calling. I will progress even further, and someday I will be known as one of the best. I do not see it any other way, nor will I have it any other way. Evolution is coming, and I will not be left behind.

~Until next time, keep evolving.